Back by popular demand is The Bootleg's third annual SAT analysis, conducted in 1997. Utilizing data released by the NCAA, we've spent the better part of that Fall to crunch these numbers and analyze the results.

From The Bootleg, Volume IV, Nr. 11, Nov. 21, 1997:

SAT Analysis - Cal's Sell-out is Exposed!

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Back by popular demand is The Bootleg's third annual SAT analysis. Utilizing data released by the NCAA, we've spent the better part of the Fall to crunch these numbers and analyze the results. What follows will shock you - and rock the weenies' world! The lowering of Cal's admissions standards for its "student-athletes" is dramatic and we're here to tell you all about it. First, the facts: All the data referred to herein is taken from the 1997 NCAA Division I Graduation-Rates Report. All 113 Div. I-A schools were included in our study. However, five schools did not report SAT scores. The average football SAT score was 914, with a median of 923. w Stanford football again ranks #1 in SAT scores at 1,108, beating out Northwestern, Rice, Duke and Vanderbilt. All five of these schools' SAT's were more than two standard deviations higher than the mean. Our graduation rate of 94% is identical to our overall student body's. In a minor upset, our basketball SAT average of 1,047 was only fifth (behind Rice, Vanderbilt, Texas Tech and Notre Dame - notice any of these in the Sweet 16, or NCAA tourney, last year?) w As we alluded to above, the big shocker of our study was the dramatic decrease of Cal's admissions standards for its revenue-sport athletes.Their football SAT average of 877 is well below the national football average and ranks 70th of 108 schools and a WSU-trailing eight in the Pac-10! The UC-Berkeley football graduation rate is a sad 44%! The Cal-friendly media continues to advertise Berkeley as a tough academic school and compares their recruiting obstacles to those of Stanford. As these numbers prove, nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, since the Berkeley student body SAT average is 1,296 (for '95-'96 frosh class), the difference (aka "academic compromise factor") between student body and the football team is 419 points - by far the biggest "sell-out" of any school in the nation! Finally, their hoops team (currently on NCAA probation) posted a meager 813 SAT average, ninth in the Pac-10 (behind all but Oregon State) and over 100 points below the basketball average (922) of the schools in our study. Please don't forget to casually pass along these definitive findings to any and all obnoxious weenie acquaintances and/or work associates (read: subordinates). w Other notables: Notre Dame had the 14th highest SAT average in last year's study but is all the way down to #51 this year (925). Pasadena-hopeful UCLA is #8 with a 1,002 average. Wisconsin dropped from #27 in '96 to #72 this year (at 876). w Comparing the ten different Div. I-A football conferences, the Big 10 has the highest average SAT at 949. Pac-10 is second at 946. However, if we drop Cal's pathetic 877 score from the conference, the Pac-10 would move up to #1. Should we start a movement to go to the Pac-9? The lowest SAT league? Conference USA at 871. The MAC is not much better at 881. The ACC is third in football and the Big 12 leads in basketball SAT's (969). The Pac-10 is only eight in hoops SAT's (904). No wonder our conference dominated the NCAA tourney last season! w Duke continues to post high SAT numbers in all sports except basketball. We pointed out this same fact last year. Their hoops SAT (949) is over 100 points lower than that of any other sport. There is no magic to Duke's recent success in basketball - just some hard-core academic compromising!

Table 1 - SAT scores and Graduation Rates (Div. I-A Top 10 and others)

Rank School Football Ave. SAT Football Grad. %
1 Stanford 1108 94%
2 Northwestern 1102 92%
3 Rice 1083 48%
4 Duke 1068 86%
5 Vanderbilt 1049 86%
6 Purdue 1005 43%
7 UCLA 1002 63%
8 Tulsa 1002 41%
9 Missouri 994 60%
10 Indiana 990 65%

The rest of the Pac-10…

Rank School Football Ave. SAT Football Grad. %
24 Oregon 958 57%
26 Washington 955 59%
30 U$C 953 59%
37 Arizona State 947 39%
61 Washington State 915 41%
70 Cal 877 44%
73 Arizona 873 65%
73 Oregon State 873 63%

Some other Notables…

Rank School Football Ave. SAT Football Grad. %
12 Ohio State 984 29%
16 Texas 970 56%
21 Penn State 960 71%
25 Syracuse 957 67%
27 Iowa 954 61%
29 North Carolina 953 48%
35 Colorado 948 53%
46 Michigan 929 38%
49 Virginia 927 80%
51 Notre Dame 925 87%
65 BYU 900 48%
69 Florida 883 53%
72 Wisconsin 876 63%
73 San Jose State 873 ???
81 Rutgers 864 38%
84 Nebraska 860 63%
88 Tennessee 847 25%
100 Florida State 827 71%
101 Hawaii 826 64%
106 Michigan State 798 44%
107 Utah 795 22%
108 Southern Mississippi 785 60%

** Source: 1997 NCAA Division I Graduation-Rates Report [SAT Data: 1993-1996 entering freshmen classes; Graduation Rates from 1990-91 entering classes of those exhausting eligibility].