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Anderson leads the Card DL

Opposing Views: Oregon State

Saturday’s Reunion Weekend tilt has the feel of a defensive struggle. Jim Phillips of stopped by “Opposing Views” to talk about how team speed, not size, ranks among the Oregon State defense’s strengths.

Stanford formations

Stanford formations

A detailed breakdown on the formations Stanford has been using

1919 Stanford/OAC program

Oct. 25, 1919: SU 14, Oregon Ag. Coll. 6

It’s time to really put the “history” in "This Week in Stanford History". Saturday’s tilt between Stanford and Oregon State comes on the 95th anniversary of the schools’ first meeting on the gridiron. The “Cardinal warriors,” as they were described in one newspaper account of the game, engineered a huge upset after a long, self-imposed exile from major college football.

Shaw Takes the Blame

Shaw Takes the Blame

Stanford Head Coach David Shaw says it is time to fix the struggling offense

Coach David Shaw

Clardy’s Corner: The Answer Man

Everyone knows the questions surrounding Stanford’s offense, but what are the solutions? Troy submits some ideas to the Cardinal’s suggestion box.

Stanford's offense: Myths and Realities

Stanford's offense: Myths and Realities

The Myths and Realities of Stanford’s Flatlining Offense

Midterm grades plus one game

Midterm grades plus one game

A report card for the first half of the season plus one game.

The Fans' Manifesto

The Fans' Manifesto

Stanford will snap its streak, third-longest in the country, of consecutive weeks as a ranked team. Stanford also lost by more than one score for the first game since 2011. Of course, that loss was to an elite Oregon team, and the only loss of the season. This loss was none of those things. The streak of BCS bowls is also on life support, as the Card will need to run the table from here on out.

1974 Stanford/UCLA program

TWISH: Close But No Cigar ('74, '88)

You’d rather Stanford’s final win of the season not happen the same day the World Series starts. You’d wish women not be barred from the press box. You can’t always get what you want, but that’s how it goes sometimes on This Week in Stanford History.

Patrick Skov, Kevin Hogan et al

Repelling Cougars

Stanford returned to the friendly confines of Galvez and Sam MacDonald Mall last Friday night to face a highly touted quarterback backed up by a sub-standard defense. This turned out to be just the formula for a necessary, if not flawless, bounce-back victory.

Hogan has had success vs. ASU

Opposing Views: Arizona State

Has a runaway bride of a head coach found a long-term home in Tempe? Who will Arizona State start at quarterback this week? Why couldn’t Bruce Snyder build something resembling staying power there? Some questions demand thorough answers, which Hod Rabino of Devils Digest provided in this week’s Opposing Views.

Clardy’s Corner: Infamous Jameis

Clardy’s Corner: Infamous Jameis

Jameis Winston is causing headaches for Florida State. Could their headaches have been Stanford’s?






  • 01.


    Commits: 21
    Points: 4,120
    Conference: SEC
  • 02.


    Commits: 22
    Points: 3,608
    Conference: SEC
  • 03.


    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,389
    Conference: SEC
  • 04.

    South Carolina

    Commits: 26
    Points: 3,302
    Conference: SEC
  • 05.


    Commits: 20
    Points: 3,259
    Conference: SEC
  • 06.

    Texas A&M

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,257
    Conference: SEC
  • 07.

    Notre Dame

    Commits: 21
    Points: 3,130
    Conference: Indep
  • 08.

    Florida State

    Commits: 18
    Points: 3,105
    Conference: ACC
  • 09.

    Penn State

    Commits: 19
    Points: 3,033
    Conference: Big Ten
  • 10.

    Mississippi State

    Commits: 31
    Points: 3,013
    Conference: SEC
  • 65.


    Commits: 9
    Points: 847
    Conference: Pac-12