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Thursday, March 4 Practice Recap

We're assuming the 50-yard strike was Luck's

In their constant effort to be instructive, football coaches will often fallback on pop culture references to try and make their points more relatable, even if their allusions are out of date. An old offensive coordinator of mine used to bring up the 1967 Detroit (pronounced Deh-twah) riots, and although we had not a clue what he was talking about, we heard the word "riot" and got the point.

Similarly, when Brian Polian is yelling at his gunners to not be "Captain Caveman" and bowl over blockers, the athletes probably aren't thinking about the 1970s cartoon, but still put two-and-two together and try to adjust accordingly. Such is the first week of spring ball: coaches chirping up incessantly, and players trying endlessly to make the requisite changes. Let's get to it, shall we... Recommended Stories

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