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The math is difficult for any school: sign too few players and you're at a competitive disadvantage, sign too many players and you're in an NCAA and moral dilemma. For Stanford, of course, in addition to the normal question of how many recruiting battles the school will win, there's the very real question of Admissions, which could prevent would-be commits from enrolling...

Here then is our best guess at how Stanford's board looks today, Jan. 21, 13 days before Signing Day. Nominal class 1. QB Brett Nottingham (QB Dallas Lloyd) 2. QB/ATH Darren Daniel 3. RB Anthony Wilkerson 4. RB Brandon Bourbon 5. RB Ricky Seale 6. WR Jarrod West 7. WR/CB Keanu Nelson 8. TE Davis Dudchock 9. OL Cameron Fleming 10. OL Dillon Bonnell 11. OL David Yankey 12. OL Cole Underwood 1... Recommended Stories

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