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Big Disappointment

First half fumbles not enough (AP, Jeff Chiu)

If you imagined all the scenarios for how this 2003 edition of the Big Game would play out, you probably did not imagine a fast start for your Cardinal off an unending string of Cal miscues. And if you were told that would be the first quarter story, then perhaps you would imagine a dominating win much like the ASU game. Instead, Stanford fans were dealt disappointment in a 28-16 loss that reminded us of the 2002 UCLA game in its futility.

You can sum up this edition of the Big Game with one statistic: 10 points off four first half turnovers.  With so many opportunities handed to the good guys, so little was capitalized.  And though Stanford led their cross-Bay rivals 10-0 at the half, a 28-0 run would irrevocably turn the tide in favor of the California Bears.  Though the final statistics will show poorly for the Cardinal defense... Recommended Stories

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