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How to Win the Pac-12 Tournament

It's come down to winning the Pac-12 Tournament

So the Oregon loss makes it official: if Stanford's going dancing this year, they will be doing so after winning four games in as many days in Las Vegas, host to this year's Pac-12 Tournament. But, hey, if any city is conducive to a hot streak, it's Vegas, right? Read on for some historical perspective and what team Stanford fans want to win the conference.

Good News: Vacuum at the Top The good news is that this year's Pac-12 has no elite teams and only one team on pace for a Sweet 16 seed. Arizona is No. 16 to KenPom, and then there's a big gap to five teams ranked between 39th and 56th, including No. 53 Stanford. The relevance is that, historically, leagues without dominant teams at the top have had some wacky conference tournament results. As... Recommended Stories