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The Mrs. Milton Found Him Boring Too Edition

Christian Sanders, he of butt coil fame

I noticed in the student shots during the Sparky game on Saturday a tee shirt that read "Fear the Fork", which is just as bad as our stupid "Fear the Tree" tee shirts. There is a fine line between clever and stupid, and these tee shirts hopscotch it. I think they are especially awkward for Sparky, since the last time their two big sports won a meaningful game was during the Clinton administration.

Perhaps Sparky fans really mean "Fear Poking Myself With a Fork Due to Frustration" over how boring the Herb Sendek era has been. At least they gave up the zone this season. Thank you, Jahii Carson. [Ed: And after "Roscoemaynard" sends this my way, Arizona State manages to lose at Utah. Ouch.] The Sparky win, coming on the boot-heels of our brutal loss to the Wildcats on Wednesday night, was a... Recommended Stories

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