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From the Rose Bowl Cheap Seats

Shayne Skov (L) and Ed Reynolds (R)

You already know what happened, of course. And those who know the game of football much better than I have described and analyzed it here, so I won't pretend to add to that. But I (make that "we," as MiniWyoMizzouCard was there to cheer on his beloved Cardinal, too) thought it might be fun to share the perspective from about 55 rows up, in the southeast corner of the end zone.

(Assisted, as usual, by MiniWyoMizzouCard) [Editorial comments added later, with the benefit of hindsight, will be in brackets.] The Friggin Rose Bowl This is the Rose Bowl, for criminy's sake. And Stanford is not only in it. Stanford is favored. How often does that happen? Twice a century or so? Much as you hope it is the start of a trend, when you are playing the back nine of life, you... Recommended Stories