Mr Pac-10's Picks

Mr Pac-10's Picks

Collegefootballnews' Matthew Smith Picks all the Winners for all Bowl Games from Dec 31st on

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Pac-10 Games

Stanford (-3.5) vs Virginia Tech
This is one of the best games of the bowl season. Both teams are strong throughout the roster, good on offense, defense and special teams. Stanford has had a bit better offense and a bit better defense, but there really hasn't been a huge difference between the two, especially once the Hokies got over their ugly early start and played on fire for the rest of the year. Stanford also has to deal with the distractions of the Harbaugh situation, while Virginia Tech can embrace the underdog role and come out focused and ready to play well and win. However, Stanford is still the better team, and while it's anyone's game, the Cardinal should come out on top.
Stanford 28, Virginia Tech 27

Oregon (+3) vs Auburn
For the first time since the epic USC-Texas tilt, the Pac-10 is back in the national championship game. Oregon is the underdog and it feels like everyone is simply handing the title to Auburn. To a certain extent, I can see the logic. The SEC has won four straight national titles, Auburn has the Heisman winner, they just came off of an utterly fantastic win against South Carolina in the SEC title game, and hey, who really cares about defense?

Of course, Oregon has been dominant in virtually every week of the season (except the Cal game), has consistently been an extremely strong 2nd half team, has a great offense at pretty much all positions, and has been consistently strong on defense, which is certainly an advantage over Auburn, who has sometimes been good but has frequently been vulnerable (43 against Arkansas, 34 against Kentucky, 31 against Georgia and Ole Miss, and 24 to a AA team). As long as the Duck D can slow down Newton on the ground (and they should do that to some degree), they've got the weapons on offense to light up the scoreboard and ought to come up with the win.
Oregon 38, Auburn 31

Non-Pac-10 Games

South Florida vs Clemson (-5.5)
Clemson 31, South Florida 27

Notre Dame vs Miami (-2.5)
Notre Dame 31, Miami 28

UCF vs Georgia (-6.5)
Georgia 35, UCF 21

Florida St vs South Carolina (-3)
Florida St 28, South Carolina 27

Northwestern vs Texas Tech (-9.5)
Texas Tech 31, Northwestern 14

Penn St vs Florida (-7)
Florida 28, Penn St 24

Michigan St vs Alabama (-10)
Alabama 35, Michigan St 17

Michigan vs Mississippi St (-4.5)
Miss St 35, Michigan 31

TCU (-3) vs Wisconsin
TCU 28, Wisconsin 21

UConn vs Oklahoma (-16.5)
Oklahoma 28, UConn 17

Arkansas vs Ohio St (-3.5)
Ohio St 35, Arkansas 34

MTSU vs MiamiOH (-1)
MiamiOH 38, MTSU 28

Texas A&M vs LSU (-1)
LSU 28, Texas A&M 24

Kentucky vs Pitt (-3)
Pitt 31, Kentucky 24

BC vs Nevada (-7)
Nevada 35, BC 24

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